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10,000 Trees Planted and Counting

10,000 Trees Planted

You’ve probably heard that driving your car has an impact on the environment, but if you’re anything like me, you might not understand exactly how much of an impact it really has. Well, whether you’re into climate change or not, the fact remains that cars do contribute significantly to pollution and negative impacts on the planet as we know it. And chances are, you’d rather do something to reverse that trend than just give up driving entirely!

 Our proud community has planted more than 10,000 trees as they have driven their cars. It is nothing short of awe-inspiring! When you join us, you’re not just planting trees—you’re helping to create an ecosystem that provides shelter and clean air, prevents erosion and drought, and offers natural protection from wild animals. Plus, you’re joining an awesome community that truly cares about our planet—it’s a beautiful thing!

 Thank you for driving real change!

10,000 Trees Planted and Counting – Policy Blog
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