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EU Sustainability Regulations

EU Sustainability Regulations mean good things for the planet and a lot more compliance for companies. Read here for a handy decoder summary from Joel Makower of GreenBiz.  Caremiles Sustainability-As-A-Service platform surpasses traditional limits and boundaries mere compliance, actively involving companies in climate initiatives, engaging consumers and providing the means to measure, manage and take…

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Forest Fires Are Getting Worse

ByCaremiles BlogJune 15, 2023 Caremiles has compiled important findings from a World Tracking Institute article that discusses the significant expansion of forest fires. These fires are currently burning almost twice the amount of tree cover compared to two decades ago. As we explore the report's key insights, our aim is to provide you with valuable information.…

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Sense And Sustainability

ByCaremiles BlogMay 2, 2023 In service of keeping you informed about trends in the banking industry, Caremiles gathered key insights from a white paper published by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) on global retail banking in September 2022. As we delve into the key findings of the report, we hope to provide you with valuable information that can help you navigate…

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20,000 Trees Planted

20,000 Tree Planted We humans have tried to dominate this planet and the earth has served as the basis for the material wealth enjoyed by many in the developed world, As our population has grown dramatically over the past hundred years, the planet's ability to handle all of our needs has come under…

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Together for a Priceless Planet

Together for a Priceless Planet This giving season, plant a tree with the Priceless Planet coalition, let’s once again reunite you with nature because together is Priceless At Mastercard and Caremiles, we are determined to rebuild and revitalize our forests by planting more trees to ensure a safer climate for present and future generations. Our end goal…

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10,000 Trees Planted and Counting

10,000 Trees Planted You’ve probably heard that driving your car has an impact on the environment, but if you’re anything like me, you might not understand exactly how much of an impact it really has. Well, whether you’re into climate change or not, the fact remains that cars do contribute significantly to pollution and negative…

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for testing


BynatashaarizviMarch 31, 2022 SOMETHING IS COOKING! As a cat I have a very keen sense of smell and these days at caremiles there is a new smell in the air. I can smell something new cooking. And it’s not just the smell these humans at caremiles are acting differently too. All secretive, extra vigilant, very focused…

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