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How Star Wars Got Me To Care About Climate Change

How Star Wars Got Me To Care About Climate Change

May the 4th be with you! It’s Star Wars Day, May 4th, and how appropriate that this day has become known as Star Wars Day due to the popularity of the franchise and its fervent fans. And it may be surprising to learn that Star Wars has not only gotten me to pay attention to climate change, but also to consider ways we can mitigate its effects and promote technological solutions. Here’s why…

I am Luke Skywalker

I used to be skeptical about climate change. I believed that scientists were exaggerating and over-reacting, trying to sound alarms for political reasons. But lately I’ve seen reports from credible sources that show how critical our current situation is, and how we need to start making changes now if we want our children’s children to survive in a world like ours. It’s time to take action. The Force is strong with us – let’s use it wisely!

I Have Been Wounded, But I Am Not Defeated

Despite what I just said, if you start thinking about climate change and come to think of it as a hopeless situation—there’s no way we can fix all these problems by ourselves, so why even try?—that could potentially be detrimental. This doesn’t mean you have to ignore climate science or wallow in despair—just keep looking for solutions. And don’t let yourself get defeated. If anything, keep in mind that with you driving real change, the future could be a safe place. And so, no matter how many obstacles we face, we must swim in the same direction. We cannot give up on our planet. We cannot give up on each other. For our children’s sake, for our own sake, we cannot give up on hope.

The Force Is With Us

I have a bad feeling about this is perhaps one of my favorite quotes from any movie in recent years. When we see Luke Skywalker utter these words in Star Wars: A New Hope, he really is on to something. It comes at a point where his trusty X-wing fighter lands at what seems like an abandoned Imperial outpost. The Death Star is dead ahead, and it’s clear that Skywalker and his squadron are walking into a trap. So why does he say I have a bad feeling about this? Because despite all evidence to suggest otherwise, he trusts his gut. And who doesn’t want to be more like Luke Skywalker? He’s cool, brave, and believes in himself even when others don’t—he doesn’t let fear dictate his actions. He knows deep down that if he can just get through whatever obstacle lies before him, things will work out for him in the end.

We Are Jedis in Training

Humans Are Stormtroopers to a Suffocating World’s Death Star: With natural disasters only on the rise (2021, $114 billion dollars were lost due to climate/weather events), sometimes it can feel like we’re living on Endor. But with new technology and new attitudes, we might have a chance at turning things around. In honor of Star Wars Day (May 4), here are some ways humans could be Jedis in training for a habitable planet. #MayThe4thBeWithYou


A world without climate change isn’t just possible; it’s here! May the 4th be with you, let’s take a look at how sci-fi helped bring our modern understanding of climate change to light. After all, if we want to save our planet from an out-of-control Han Solo–esque villain like carbon dioxide, we need to know exactly who that villain is and how he operates. Let’s drive real change!

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